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Catering couple stir up salad dressing/marinade business

By Emiko Moore

Contributing Writer http://www.todayspulse.com

LEBANON — A Czechoslovakian mother who made incredible pastries including tarts, tortes and kolacky inspired George Stengl’s cooking.

His love of cooking led him to start Stengl’s Catering more than six years ago. Growing up in Chicago, Stengl always loved to cook and says his mother was an incredible baker...

George sells his popular Garlic Tarragon dressing and marinade at local farmers’ markets in Lebanon and West Chester Twp. Even his son, Luke (then 11 yrs. old), joined in and helped design the labels for the dressing and sell the items at the markets.

To his surprise, the vinaigrette started taking off. Many customers returned to buy more, and one weekend, they sold 160 bottles of their dressing. “I couldn’t keep up,” Stengl said.

This past summer, Village Ice Cream Parlor started selling bottles of the vinaigrette and features it as George’s Tarragon Vinaigrette at its salad bar.

As Stengl bottled another batch of the dressing in his 1,000-square-foot kitchen attached to their home, he explained how it tastes better the next day.

The flavors “bloom, or blend together in a harmony of flavors,” he said.

He is considering additional venues where they can sell their dressing/marinade, such as gourmet food stores, cooking schools and other local restaurants.

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